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Live Seminars / FL Contractors

2016-2017 Live Contractor Seminar #1 - 7 Hours

CILB Registration # 0611574: 1 hour of business practices, 2 hours of workplace safety, 1 hour of workers' compensation, 1 hour of advanced building code, and 2 hours will count towards general credit.
Course Topics  
1) Workers' Compensation – 50 minutes 
   a. Workers' Compensation general information
   b. Reemployment Services
   c. Private Self Insurance 
2) 2014 Advanced Building Code - Fire Protection- 50 minutes
   a. Historical background, Multiple Use Fire Assemblies, Automatic Sprinklers, Marking/Identification and Projections
   b. Buildings on Same Lot, Structural Stability, Slope Roofs, Joints, Voids at Intersections, Refuse/Laundry Chutes
   c. Through Penetration Firestop System, Fire Rated Glazing, Opening Fire Protection Assemblies, Partitions
3) Workplace Safety - 100 minutes 
   a. Confined Spaces
   b. Electrical Safety
   c. Fire Safety and Emergency Response
   d. Machine Safety and Other Equipment
   e. Material Handling Safety
4) Construction Business Development - 50 Minutes
   a. Trade & Business Associations
   b. Advantages of joining and attending business association meetings
   c. Attending national and local conferences
5) Cleanup and Waste Disposal - 50 Minutes
   a. Construction Site Cleanup and Waste Disposal
   b. Recycling & Florida Hazardous Waste Requirements 
6) Water Quality Control - 50 Minutes
   a. Water Pollution
   b. Water Management

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2016-2017 Live Contractor Seminar #2 - 7 Hours

CILB Registration # 0611575 Includes: Includes 5 hours of general credit, 1 hour Laws and Rules and 1 hour Wind Mitigation Methodologies

Course Topics  
1) Laws and Rules - FAC 61G4 & Chapter 489 - 50 minutes
   a. FAC 61G4 - What's New
   b. Chapter 489
2) Wind Mitigation - 50 minutes
   a.    Deck Attachment, Water Barrier and opening protection
   b.    Gable End Bracing and roof to wall connections
   c.    Current Wind Mitigation Compliance Experience
3) Contractor Liability - 50 minutes
   a. Construction Defect Law in Florida
   b. Liability Issues
4) Project Management - Panama Canal Case Study - 100 Minutes
   a. Project Introduction, Planning, and Innovation
   b. Expansion Project Scope and Structure
   c. Integrated Project Management
   d. Progress Report Review
5) Construction Trends 2016 - 100 Minutes
a. Building Information Modeling
b. Building Automation Systems
c. 3D Printing
d. Updates on Previously Covered Construction Trends
e. New Technologies

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